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Ask a Childbirth Educator (December 2021)

“It’s one thing being a ‘hot mumma’ when pregnant, but a summer pregnancy can be bloomin’ hot – any tips?”

Pregnancy during any season can make you feel like you’ve got your own built-in central heating system.  And during the summer it can feel like you might blow the mercury out of the thermometer! 

Here are some ideas which might help….

  • Make the most of the cooler times of the day – morning and evening.  Avoid going out or doing too much during the hottest hours.
  • Keep up your fluids – even though it might mean MORE trips to the toilet!
  • Tepid showers, swimming, etc. is a lovely way to keep cool.  Toddlers paddling pool under an umbrella might be just the ticket
  • Take a nap and don’t feel guilty – after all growing a baby is a busy job.
  • Purchase a portable hand-held fan.
  • Reducing, but not eliminating, salt can help.
  • Wear loose, cool clothing – or just your birthday suit when you’re at home!

Just remember, your pregnancy won’t last forever and if you plan well and don’t allow the heat to get you down, you’ll get through…..if all else fails slap on sunscreen, go to the beach, put up an umbrella, dig a hole in the sand near the water line and lie face-down with your bump in the hole!


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