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Ask a Childbirth Educator (July 2021)

Parents Centre has been offering antenatal and transition to parenting programmes for almost 70 years and we are proud of the work that we do to support parents during this new and exciting time. 

We have 54 locations in Aotearoa providing education and support to whanau in the community – but we know with our beautifully diverse and geographically challenged country, we might not have classes close to where you live.  The great news is, we have an antenatal solution that will provide you with accurate, evidence-based information from which to make informed decisions – online antenatal!  

Our facilitators are highly skilled in ensuring that being online, these programmes are still very interactive, fun and engaging, and great for making new friends.  Being online programmes doesn’t mean they will be boring, one-way discussions, lectures, power-point presentations or pre-recorded sessions – we pride ourselves in making the classes interactive so that you’re involved in the learning and have an enjoyable experience, connecting with other parents!  

We will also arrange for your coffee group to start too!  You may not live in the same town as others in your programme, however on-line coffee groups are awesome too!  We have many people meeting regularly via zoom, and other online platforms, cuddling baby, coffee close to hand! 

To reinforce your group connections and on-going learning, we also offer a number of online postnatal programmes: 

  • Toilet Learning
  • Thriving in the new-born months
  • On the move 
  • Baby bites – nutritious beginnings 
  • Come catch me crawler 
  • Toddler time 

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