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Ask a Childbirth Educator (June 2021)

My baby is here, now what?

Parents Centre’s transition to parenting programmes (aka antenatal classes) are fabulous for preparing parents for their labour journey and the exciting arrival of baby.  We often joke that preparing for parenting a new-born is a bit like learning to drive a car before you have actually purchased your car – the actual thing can leave you with more questions and need for learning!  Because of this, we follow our pre-birth programmes with our postnatal Baby and You programme, designed especially for parents with babies up to about 12 weeks of age.

You’ve all heard people say that babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and our Baby and You programme is the next best thing! 

Baby and You is run as a discussion group, giving you the opportunity to discuss what your particular situation and challenges might be with your new-born, and of course to share in the joys that you are experiencing. Because all babies are unique with varying needs and personalities, the Baby and You forum will allow you to discuss your baby’s individual personalities and receive tips, advice and potential strategies which you can adapt to your own situation.

New parents have found Baby and You to be a wonderful source of support and encouragement for those first weeks after the birth of their baby. We also welcome dads and partners who may be the primary caregiver or who are on paternity leave. The forum also gives you a chance to make contact with other new parents and be able to form a “coffee group” so that the support continues long after the Baby and You class finishes.

Led by trained childbirth educators or professional speakers, the topics which are covered include:

  • A reflection on the birth experience
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Communication with baby
  • Lifestyle changes and looking after yourself.
  • Infant massage
  • Physical development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Age-appropriate toys and activities

This is just another way that Parents Centre support you, your pēpē and whanau to build your village and develop confidence with your parenting.

Find it hard to get out of the house on time with your new-born?  Don’t worry, we have a saying ‘you’re never late with a new-born, when you arrive is exactly the right time’.  You’ll always be welcomed with a smile and a hot cuppa.


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