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Ask a Childbirth Educator (November 2021)

“Everyone is Welcome!”

Parents Centre facilitators and volunteers have recently participated in an Introduction to LGBTTQIA+ Workshop.

The topics included were:

  • Why pronouns matter
  • Terminology
  • Why inclusion matters – looking at statistics and measurable outcomes, discussion intersectional feminist theory, gender essentialism and reproductive justice
  • Incorporating terminology in classes
  • Making babies beyond the binary
  • Feeding babies beyond the binary
  • Checklist for making a truly inclusive learning space

This programme was well received by the organisation in its entirety – facilitators, Centre volunteers and National Support Centre staff.  The learning included the importance of inclusion, providing a safe space for all family dynamics and being mindful of language and terminology.  Further to this, the National Support Centre staff are having additional training to ensure that at a national level, our organisation is inclusive and welcoming, and offer information that is specific to all different family circumstances.

We are proud of the work we do within our organisation to ensure we remain current, move with the times and change ideas or behaviour as the world too, changes.  But most of all, we believe that all parents deserve parent education; an opportunity to understand their rights, to learn about the changes that pregnancy, birthing and parenting bring, and to connect with others to form support groups.  Providing a rainbow safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and included is part of our essential services.


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