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Ask a Childbirth Educator (Oct 2022)

‘It’s spring!  And with spring can bring pollen irritants’ 

It isn’t common for babies under the age of one to develop a seasonal allergy such as this.  So if you’re wondering if it is a cold or other sickness, or if it is ‘hay fever’, hay fever is seldom accompanied with a raised or high temperature and also doesn’t cause diarrhoea, so that’s a clear difference to look for.

For those of you (parents and kids) who do suffer sneezing, itching, runny nose and coughing here are a few tips

  • Try to keep windows closed and turn on the air conditioner to help keep pollen out. Regularly change the filers of your air conditioner
  • Vacuum (regularly change filters), dust and wash bedding regularly
  • Limit outdoor activity on windy, sunny, spring days
  • Pollen can come inside with your shoes; so, leave them at the door
  • Shower or bathe regularly to remove pollen particles from hair and clothes.
  • Pollen can be carried by pets, so bath them regularly too
  • Cut grass short to reduce pollen output


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