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Travelling with toddlers

Kate Nicolle

Parenting Consultant and founder of Kidology

Top tips for travelling with toddlers

Have some new toys or books that they have never seen before stowed away in your bag to distract them from the boredom of a long journey.

Attach a piece of elastic to the cuddly toy that they like to sleep with and keep hold of the other end, or attach it to their seat-belt so when they drop it you don’t have to dislocate your shoulder trying to retrieve it. (Be sensible that you don’t attach it in a way that may cause any risk of choking)

Play games such as ‘Guess what I am’. This entails giving your toddler clues, which obviously have to be tailored to his/her age but something like, ‘I have a long grey trunk and big ears and…’. You get the idea.

Another popular game is to say a line from a story that your child knows well and they have to guess which book or film it comes from. You will be amazed how good their memory is even at a young age.

Don’t let your child comfort drink. This will just lead to lots of nappy changes and toilet stops. Water is always the best thing to offer your child, little and often.

Avoid over feeding your child with food designed to give them lots of energy. It’s very hard to burn it off when you are strapped into a seat. Stick to healthier, filling foods where you can.


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