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What To Put In Your Winter Wellness Kit

As the days grow shorter and the air cooler, the first sniffles of the season often start to appear. Prepare yourself and your family for the winter cold & flu season early, so when trouble hits, you have everything to hand and can get your family back to 100% as soon as possible. Not sure what to include in your winter wellness kit? We asked our friends over at The Sleep Store what they’d put in their own Winter Wellness Kit:

1. Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier

A humidifier increases the moisture in the air and can be used for dry coughs, colds, nose bleeds, itchy eyes, dry scratchy throats and congestion. Crane’s range of humidifiers uses ultrasonic waves to generate a cool-mist meaning they are much safer than humidifiers which use a heating element as these can pose a danger to young children.

Coughs, dry tickly throats, congestion and colds can disrupt a baby or young child’s sleep. A Crane humidifier can be used to increase air moisture for easier breathing as part of your wellness kit. The NZ Ministry of Health recommends using a humidifier to increase moisture in the air as a form of self-care when you have a cold.

There is a range of Crane Humidifier models to choose from, including the Mini Adorables, 4-in-1 Top Fill Drop with Sound Machine and the Crane Personal Humidifier & Diffuser. Whilst some of the Crane models allow you to use essential oils, these work best with water alone. We don’t recommend using essential oils with young babies.

2. Thermometer

Having a personal thermometer on hand will allow you to easily check your child’s temperature and take appropriate action depending on their temperature. This thermometer takes just 1 second to read a temperature and simply needs to be placed near your child’s head. The bonus with this thermometer is that it can also be used to check the temperature of food, bottles or the bath!

3. Pulse Oximeter

If you have an asthmatic in the family or other respiratory conditions a Pulse Oximeter is great to have on hand to measure the oxygen levels in your blood, especially for little ones who can’t always verbalise when they’re having trouble breathing.

4. Kiwiherb Products

When it comes to natural health, Kiwiherb has it covered. From De-Stuff to Throat Syrups, there are several different formulations to help everything from chests to tonsils to congestion. What’s even better is there are special formulations for children and adults, so you can rest assured, knowing the products are safe for little ones.


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