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October 2021
Edition: 303

In this issue, we chat with four wāhine who birthed their babies at home and understand the science behind why it can be a positive and safe option for uncomplicated pregnancies.

Neuroscience educator and parenting expert Nathan Wallis explains to us why being responsive to your child in the early days helps to positively shape their brain later in life; and we delve into the beneficial impact a relationship with a grandparent or another older person can have on a little one. 

Even with your priorities in check, I think we can all agree that modern parenting can still feel unrelenting. Clinical psychologist Dr Sarb Johal talks about the rise of parental burnout and some of the things we can do to combat it. 

We also chat with three inspiring mamas who decided to change the way they generate an income to fit in with their families; and we explore what your rights are when you’re the parent of a premature baby. 

Whatever stage of parenting you’re at, or whatever internal season you’re going through, there will be something in this issue that brings you one step closer to confidently parenting your way.


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