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Spotlight on Parents Centre’s famous coffee groups

So, what are the Parents Centre coffee groups all about and how do they happen?  

All our programmes, from antenatal to postnatal, are led by qualified facilitators, and they’re not the type of people who have you seated for two hours, watching PowerPoint presentations, videos or listening to lectures!  

Many of our programmes are run in the evening, and we understand that you’re often tired after a full day at work, a battle with the traffic and a quick dinner – so we make sure our programmes are fun, interactive and engaging. The last thing we want is for you to get bored or fall asleep and not come back next week!  

This facilitation style encourages you to get to know others in the class, have a laugh, build connections, discover what you have in common, and that is the seed that grows into the coffee group.  

Not all Parents Centre coffee groups stem from an antenatal or postnatal programme, and many of our Centres have clinics, groups or events where parents can connect.  

So please join us. The door is always open and the coffee is always hot….even if baby means you end up drinking it cold!  

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