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Winter fun for you and your pre-schooler

It’s been truly cold and wet outside this week and that can make it hard for your pre-schooler to burn off energy. But with the right outdoor gear it’s still great to head outside each day and let your little one enjoy the wonders of Aotearoa – most pre-schoolers love to play in muddy puddles – just like Peppa Pig! 

But if you do find yourself stuck in doors here’s some things you can do together: 

  • Make an obstacle course – crawl under the dinning chair, jump over the cushions, commando under the blanket etc. Make up dances together. 
  • Make a blanket fort. 
  • Sensory activities can be perfect for indoors – we love Play-Doh. 
  • Have an indoor picnic – spread a blanket on the floor and ask your little one to imagine that they are somewhere outside and get them to tell you all about it. 
  • Play let’s pretend – being animals is always a favourite in our house. 
  • Bake, do puzzles, play board games or colour in together. 
  • Make a treasure hunt – older kids will love to make them for you to follow too. 
  • And if all else fails put them in the bath; bath time can be great for sensory play at any time of day. 


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