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Ask a Childbirth Educator (Apr 2023)

It’s hard to remember all of the amazing information that we learn at our classes with Parents Centre Aotearoa!

From January 2023 some of you may have already received our new and amazing book that every attendee to our antenatal class receives.  If you haven’t started your class yet, then you’re in for a treat!

Replacing our well-loved Kiwiparent magazine, we now have our Baby and You book that is produced annually.  In part, this came about in response to feedback from parents, often with a little help of ‘baby brain’, who struggled to remember everything that they learnt in their classes.  As such, this wonderful book, jam packed with articles that reflect most of the topics that are covered in your antenatal and postnatal classes, is available to you as a reference guide and to refer to just in time when that question needs to be answered now!

We sourced experts in the field of maternity and parenting and ensured that articles were created using evidence-based, researched, up to date information, written in a reader friendly manner.

As well as factual articles to provide you with knowledge for the exciting journey ahead and making those informed decisions, we have included reader stories where you’ll hear of experiences that other parents have encountered.

Our Baby and You annual book has been beautifully produced with fabulous photos and imagery and is a real coffee table go-to winner.

We’re sure you’re going to love it…..and enjoy referring to it when the memory challenges you!



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