First 3 months

Early parenthood is a life-changing experience into which we all go unrehearsed.

Our Baby & You programme follows on from antenatal classes and offers sound tips and strategies as you begin your journey into parenthood.

To see your baby smile, play and grow can be an extraordinary experience.  You will have feelings of tenderness and closeness and a sense of awe at the miracles of the ‘first milestones’.

But with a new baby come uncertainties.  Your tiny bundle may rule the entire household through their routines, sleep patterns and behaviours.  This can be very challenging for a new parent.

Baby & You discussion topics include the realities of the postnatal period, as well as identifying physical, emotional and relationship changes.  Babies grow quickly and they go through a variety of stages as you are getting to know them.  Baby & You explores the first three months of your baby’s life and give practical information about feeding, sleep, stimulation for babies, age-appropriate toys and the key milestones of your baby’s growth.

Participating in the Baby & You programme will give you the much-needed tools over those first uncertain months to enable you to grow in confidence.  Your baby, and you, will benefit enormously.

If there is no Centre near you, we also offer online courses.


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