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We offer a number of topics to assist you with your parenting journey.

Hot topic courses and workshops we offer

Being a Parent (Online)

The Being a Parent course deep dives into postpartum hormones, unlocks the inner discovery of the ‘new you,’ covers pelvic floor health, postpartum nutrition, safely returning to exercise and so much more. It also offers practical parenting tips and strategies for your early parenting days. Find out more

First Aid for babies and children

Our First Aid courses aims to give you the basic CPR and health knowledge to care for your child.    Find out more

Baby Bites – Nutritious Beginnings (Online)

This Baby Bites workshop is offered to parents with babies aged between 4-7 months age and is run by a registered dietician - Priscilla Natalia. Find out more

Sign & Rhyme (Online)

Waving.. Kisses... Pointing... Clapping... these are all ways babies and toddlers can communicate using gestures. To maximise this exciting development phase, teach your little one key signs which can help them communicate earlier and more easily.   Find out more

Return to Work

Looking at re-entering the workforce after parental leave but feeling a little unprepared, perhaps lost some confidence, wondering how you’ll sell yourself? Parents Centre’s Return to Work programme is presented by Debbie Tuck, Director at Emergent Recruitment. Find out more

Music & Movement

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Find out more

Moving & Munching

Our Moving and Munching programme gives you the opportunity to openly discuss concerns and to learn about balancing baby’s dietary intake as well as understanding and exploring a variety of activities that you as a parent can introduce and enjoy with your little one. Find out more


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