At what point in my pregnancy should I attend antenatal classes?  

Ideally, it is best when your antenatal class finishes around a month before your due date. This is just so the information is recent when you need to use it! When most people book this way, it also increases the chance of your antenatal group having babies of similar ages.  

However, we know that people have lots of things to consider, including that regions with smaller populations have fewer expectant parents and classes, so please know that whenever you attend classes, you will get important and valuable information.   

I’m trying to book a free course but I’m getting an error message?  

If you are getting this message: Sorry, your registration cannot be processed. You appear to already have an existing booking for this course (on this date or another date in the future)

To avoid duplicate registrations and people missing out on a space in our free courses we have set up our system to only allow one registration per person/couple. If this is a mistake or you attended a course with your last pregnancy then please get in contact with us on and we can fix this issue.

When should I attend postnatal classes?  

The information covered in these classes is most relevant for the first 3 months of your baby’s life. 

Does my registration include my partner?  

Yes it does. If your partner can’t make it some of the time, you are welcome to bring someone else from your support crew!  

Is food provided?  

We provide a small refreshment of coffee, tea, milo and a biscuit. If you are attending a whole day class, you will need to bring your own lunch. 

What happens if I miss a class?   

Classes are designed to be interactive and facilitated in person, so there is no ‘handout’ that will cover everything you miss. It is usually not possible to Zoom in to an in-person class, although there are a couple of locations that are able to do this so please check with your childbirth educator. There are resources that you will have been provided by your childbirth educator, such as a Baby & You book, that will reinforce many of the topics taught. 

We are working on developing some online content for people that miss a session and we are hoping to get that up and running in the not-to-distant future!   

What is the cancellation policy?    

Up to 30 days before your class starts, we can refund your class less a 5% administration fee. Within 30 days of your class starting, we are only able to provide a refund in compassionate circumstances.  

We are really happy for you to transfer your place to someone else, you will just need to get in touch with us so we can make sure we get their correct registration details.  

What are the payment options?      

You can by pay by credit card or online banking. In some regions we are funded to provide courses, so they may be subsidised or even free. If you are struggling financially, please get in touch as we may be able to access some additional support in your area.  

Can I transfer to a different course?      

We will do our best to accommodate this for you, however every course and region is different depending on the needs to the local community. Remember that you can cancel until 30 days before your course starts if you can no longer attend the course you booked.  

And if you are moving towns after having baby, you can absolutely book antenatal and postnatal programme in different locations. 

Are there online classes?        

We have postnatal classes available online, and are hoping to have some antenatal classes available online shortly.  

What are my chances of getting into a class on a waitlist?     

Honestly? Not great. We know how important antenatal classes are to expectant parents so we would encourage you to see if there is space in another location close to you so you can be sure to secure a place. Sometimes we have cancellations that free up places, however we would hate for you to miss out.  

If we haven’t been able to answer your question, please send us an email at To ensure we can get back to you as soon as possible, please include your estimated due date, full name and email address (please make sure it’s the one you registered with), the Centre you have booked with/want to book with, and your order number if you have it.


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