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Baby massage

Who fancies a massage?

Most of us relish the opportunity for a relaxing massage.  It gives us time out from a busy life, can offer pain relief for tight or sore tissue and even help with injury recovery. Babies don’t generally have a busy life (not quite like a new parent that is!) and injury recovery shouldn’t be required at this age.  However, opportunities for a baby to relax are important, and massage may also help with birth trauma.  One of the most important things, however, is the opportunity to have quality time with your baby, to respond to their needs, have eye contact, shower your baby with love and tenderness, and can be very relaxing for the person giving the massage too.

One of our educators, Maria Stevens, is also a baby massage therapist and you can read all about the benefits of massaging your baby, techniques, tips and tricks in our website article ‘Infant Massage’ Click here to read this article



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