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Infant feeding

Infant feeding myth busters

Conflicting information on any topic can be mind-blowing, confidence damaging and extremely frustrating. When the subject is about providing the life-force to your precious baby we can also add ‘scary’ to that list.

As with anything, getting quality information is the key. Friends, neighbours, relatives, etc. may have very well-meaning advice, and it may be advice that worked perfectly for their child in their specific situation. However as we know, each of our babies are wonderfully unique.

Parents or grandparents are usually more than happy to share their knowledge, which is based on what was known in their day. Today there is a better understanding on how breastfeeding works, both in terms of the physiology and the benefits.

There are still many ‘myths’ out there which need understanding, addressing and BUSTING. Go to the links here for some useful information where common myths are explored and explained.


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