Water Safety Tips for Your Baby’s First Bath

Phil Waggott

Managing Director of SplashSave

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting and joyous time. As parents, it’s essential to prioritize their safety, especially when it comes to water. The first bath is an important milestone, and by following a few simple water safety tips, you can create a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

Tip 1: Stay within Arm’s Reach

The most critical water safety tip during your baby’s first bath is to always stay within arm’s reach. Accidents can happen quickly, so it’s crucial never to leave your baby unattended in the bath. By being close and attentive, you can provide immediate assistance if needed and ensure a safe bathing experience.

Tip 2: Gentle Introduction to Water

To help your baby feel comfortable and confident in the water, it’s best to start with gentle introductions. Begin by washing your baby’s face with a soft washcloth, gradually introducing small amounts of water. Drip water over the top of their head and face, making it a playful and enjoyable experience.

Tip 3: Progress Gradually

As your baby becomes more accustomed to water, you can gradually progress to pouring a small amount of water over their head. Ensure the experience is fun and engaging, making them feel at ease. Slowly increase the amount of water over time, all the while ensuring your baby is having a positive and enjoyable time in the bath.

Tip 4: Be a Positive Role Model

Babies often pick up on their parents’ emotions and reactions. If your baby is hesitant or unsure about water, don’t be afraid to demonstrate the skill yourself while having fun. Show your baby that water can be an enjoyable and safe experience. By creating a positive environment, you can help your baby feel more confident and comfortable in the water.

SplashSave Resources: Enhancing Water Confidence and Safety

As your baby grows, it’s important to continue building their water confidence and safety skills. The proven resources offered by SplashSave can assist you in this journey. With their expertly designed programs and engaging materials, SplashSave empowers parents to teach their children vital water safety skills.

By incorporating SplashSave resources into your routine, you can ensure your child’s ongoing development in water confidence and safety. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to equip your child with essential life skills.


Your baby’s first bath is an exciting moment filled with tender care and love. By following these water safety tips and using SplashSave resources, you can create a positive, fun, and safe experience for your little one. Remember, staying within arm’s reach, gradually introducing water, and being a positive role model are key to fostering water confidence and safety. Start this incredible journey with SplashSave today and give your child the gift of lifelong water safety.

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Together, let’s ensure a water-safe future for our children!



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