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Making sure you’re financially informed

There’s no denying it, more and more New Zealanders are feeling the pinch at the moment, and we know that having children creates one of the biggest changes to your financial situation. Entitlements and support for families can change often – what you can access after your first child may have changed before you have a second, so it’s worthwhile to check that you are up to date.

The team at Sorted has lots of great advice, starting with their recent blog We’ve had a baby, now what? Preparing your finances to go back to work The blog covers the things that are important to think about, and has several useful links for more detailed information.

Stephanie Pow says that even a career in finance didn’t prepare her for the financial challenges of parenthood, so she created Crayon to help parents navigate these challenges. Crayon’s Starting A Family Hub is full of great information to help people be more prepared, including parental leave, childcare costs and the economics of going back to work. 

And most importantly, reach out and share. We are big fans of the idea of Loud Budgeting, and not being embarrassed to talk about money – you can read about it here What is loud budgeting? It’s time to silence quiet luxury and start talking about money – NZ Herald Most parents find the financial adjustment that comes with children really difficult, and here at Parents Centre we believe in the strength of connection and community for getting the support we need, and for sharing the great tips and tricks to get through!


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